10 year universary of Children's Malaya Oktyabrskaya Railway — 10 years

14 July 2021
10 year universary of Children's Malaya Oktyabrskaya Railway — 10 years

On July 12, 2011, 10 years ago, the southern route of the Malaya Oktyabrskaya (children's) railway (MOZD) from Molodezhnaya station (Kupchino) to Tsarskoselskaya station (Pushkin) was opened. In 2012, this section was renamed as Malaya Tsarskoye Selo Railway. The project was supervised by Andrey Nikolaevich Sedov, the Chief project engineer was Andrey Nikolaevich Babitsyn.

The length of the main track was 9.9 km, and according to this indicator, it is second only to the Svobodnenskaya (Amur) children's railway (10.5 km). In terms of other characteristics, MOZhD surpasses all children's railways available in the country. 

As for the background, the first children's railway in Leningrad was opened in 1948. Its length was 8.1 km, and it included Kirovskaya, Zoo, Ozernaya stations. In subsequent years, the line was shortened, and by the 1990s was only 2 km.

In the 1980s, an idea appeared to build a new MOZD line in Leningrad. Lengiprotrans (now part of the 1520 Group of Companies) has considered options in the north and south of the city.

In 2007, the institute received an assignment from Russian Railways for pre-design studies for the southern option. 

In June 2009, project documentation was developed for the title “Construction of the Small (Children's) Oktyabrskaya Railway in Petersburg", approved by the order of the senior vice-president of JSC Russian Railways V.A. Gapanovich No. 1825r dated 01.09.2009. 

Three separate points were designed on the line: Molodezhnaya station, Yuny siding and Tsarskoselskaya station.

The Molodezhnaya station in the area of ​​the Kupchino stopping point, for the first time in the practice of children's railways, was made of a dead-end sequential type. It consists of two receiving and departure tracks with side passenger platforms and one slop track. The dead-end scheme of the station allows two options for the turnover of the train: either using another locomotive, or upsetting with overtaking, which is especially interesting for young railroad workers.

Opposite the Shushary stopping point there is a Yuny junction, consisting of one main and one receiving-departure track with an island passenger platform between them. 

Separate stations Molodezhnaya and Yuny were equipped with a microprocessor system for centralizing arrows and signals of the ETs-EM type, controlled from a single EC post located at the Molodezhnaya station, and the passage between them was equipped with a semi-automatic blocking. 

In the area of ​​the 21 km stopping point (now the Detskoselskaya platform), the Tsarskoselskaya terminal station was arranged with two end-to-end receiving and departure tracks with side passenger platforms, one dead end for locomotive turnover and five depot tracks in the hangar, including three for storing wagons, two — for storing locomotives. Such a scheme increases the volume of maneuvers due to the need for angular feeding and cleaning of the compositions for sludge. 

At the station of Tsarskoselskaya station, there is an EC post for controlling the route-relay centralization of the EC-12-2003 system, while the switches on the depot tracks were deliberately left non-centralized. On the Yuny — Tsarskoselskaya section, an ABTC was designed with four traffic lights in each direction. Moreover, ABTC allows the organization of batch traffic with the possible circulation of three trains. 

The use of various control systems for switches and signals and track blocking allows you to teach beginners all modern means of train traffic control. 

MOZD equipped with all types of communication: operational and technological, two-way park, station warning, train and shunting radio communication. 

At Molodezhnaya and Tsarskoselskaya stations, railway stations with centralized water supply and sewerage systems, cafe-buffets for catering for MOZD workers and passengers were built. 

MOZD allows you to organize a full-fledged process of practical training for young railway workers, prepares schoolchildren and students for future work at Russian Railways. 

Congratulations to the Malaya Oktyabrskaya Railway on the anniversary of the opening of the southern section, we wish you prosperity and successful development!

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