Design of artificial structures

One of the key activity lines of Lengiprotrans is design of railway, highway, pedestrian and combined artificial structures. Such structures are:

  • bridges;
  • еlevated structures;
  • overpass;
  • viaducts;
  • transport and pedestrian tunnels built using the cut-and-cover method;
  • culverts;
  • retaining walls and reinforced ground embankments;
  • protective and regulating works including anti-deformation operations.


Specialists of Lengiprotrans perform calculations and engineering of individual metal, SRC and reinforced concrete span structures, bridge piers, special auxiliary structures and devices.

Lengiprotrans has accumulated vast experience in designing artificial structures in complicated geological conditions of the northern climate construction zone (including the Yamal Peninsula), permafrost areas, and locations with the seismicity reaching Richter magnitude 9.

Calculations and engineering work for artificial structures are performed in compliance with GOST government standards, the consolidated regulations of the Russian Federation, international norms and special technical specifications including those for high-speed transport services with speeds up to 400 km/h.

The designs are produced with the use of the latest software:

  • 3D finite element calculation programs: Midas/Civil, AutodeskRobot, ScadOffice, Plaxis 3D;
  • programs for 2D calculations: Base, NormCad, GeoSoft, ОПОРА_Х (OPORA_X).

Railway bridge over the high-water bed of river Yuribei