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Collection of poetry for the 77th anniversary of the Leningrad blockade break

To commemorate the 77th anniversary of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the Nazi blockade, which was celebrated on January 27, 2021 JSC Lengiprotrans published a Collection of poetry about the Leningrad blockade.

Alexander Yakovlevich Mazo, a resident of the besieged Leningrad, head of the Lengiprotrans corporate museum, in the collection tried to convey the atmosphere of the besieged city and the fate of its courageous people.

In total, the book contains 25 works by famous authors, some of them were read by the institute workers. To listen recordings scan QR codes posted on the pages of the publication.

Collection of poetry about the Leningrad blockade

Poems about besieged Leningrad performed by stuff members of JSC Lengiprotrans

  1. T.V. Varlamov. Leningrad fireworks. Read by D.A. Makarov
  2. O.F. Bergholz. Leningrad poem. Read by E.I. Ivanov
  3. N. Radchenko. Blockade. Read by I.V. Cherkesov
  4. V.V. Shefner. Mirror. Read by A.A. Nikitina
  5. N.P. Salnikov. House on Furshtatskaya. N.S. Kizilova
  6. A. Eskov. To the children of besieged Leningrad (It was May). Read by I.V. Cherkesov
  7. A.V. Trubin. Blockade. Read by V.A. Morokhina
  8. E.A. Dobrova. We come from the blockade (Dedicated to the children of the blockade ...) Read by I.V. Feigel
  9. A.P. Mezhirov. Ladoga ice. Read by A.Yu. Malyshev
  10. Yu.P. Voronov. Again war, again blockade ... Reads A.A. Petrosyan