The reconstruction project of the Luzhskaya-Severnaya station for connecting new terminals and connecting paths

Комплексная реконструкция участка Мга-Гатчина-Веймарн-Ивангород и железнодорожных подходов к портам на южном берегу Финского залива
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Ensuring the delivery of goods by rail to the sea trading port of Ust-Luga on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland in the Luga Bay.
Вид станции Лужская-Северная
Проект реконструкции станции Лужская-Северная для подключения новых терминалов и соединительных путей

For the first time PJSC Lengiprotrans began to consider the development of railway approaches to the port of Ust-Luga in 1992, when he took part in the development of the General Scheme for the development of seaports on the shore of the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic Sea.

The impetus to large-scale construction was the active development of the port for the planned increase in cargo turnover to 180 million tons, of which 118 million tons will have to be delivered by rail.

In connection with this, the General Scheme had to make significant corrections more than once, primarily on the development of the Ust-Luga railway junction. It provides for the construction of six railway stations, 5 of which are the Luga-South, Luga-North, Luga-East, Luga-General and Luga-Neftyanaya-servicing terminals and access railroads directly adjacent to them.

Luzhskaya - Severnaya station is oriented to servicing of coal, sulfur and universal reloading terminals. The specialists of PJSC "Lengiprotrans" developed technical solutions for organizing maintenance of non-public routes and passing the transit flow towards the station.