Construction of two and lengthening one of the tracks in the East Park st. Balezino

Project Status: 
Строительство двух и удлинение одного путей в Восточном парке ст. Балезино
At the Balezino station of the Gorky Railway, all freight and passenger trains are stopped for the replacement of electric locomotives because of the interconnection of the genera of currents. In view of the increase in the traffic flow towards the central part of the Russian Federation, with the limited capacity of the two-track section at the Balezino station, freight trains are combined with an increase in their length from 1,050 m to 1,500 m.
The task of the project is to develop technical solutions to ensure the formation and passage of transit trains of increased length (100 conventional wagons) in the park East Station Balezino.
The project documentation, carried out in 2015, provides the following
types of work at the station Balezino:
• construction of two reception tracks with a useful length of 1500 m;
• extension of the receiving path No. 12A to a useful length of 1500 m;
• Construction of an exhaust path with a useful length of 800 m;
• construction of a track for sagging wagons with a useful length of 250 m;
• the inclusion of turnouts and ways into the existing electrical centralization and the equipment of the arrows with pneumatic blowing;
• construction of a combined heating station for track monitors and car inspectors.
In 2016 it is planned to transfer design documentation to the Central Electric Inspectorate and the Federal Tax Service "Glavgosexpertiza of Russia".