Relay semi-automatic blocking at the Tselinograd - Tobol section

Project Status: 
Релейная полуавтоматическая блокировка на участке Целиноград — Тобол

Tselinograd (now Astana) - Tobol is a section of the latitudinal South Siberian railway, passing through the territory of Kazakhstan.

The site was designed by Lentransproekt (since 1951 - Lengiprotrans) as part of the development of the Kartaly - Akmolinsk (now Astana) line in 1935-1945. The road was intended for the export of Karaganda coal along the shortest route to the South Urals.

In 1963, the institute developed a semi-automatic relay interlocking with traffic lights at the stations of the Tselinograd - Tobol section.