Electrical interlocking at Bolshaya Mikhailovka station of the Tselinnaya railway

Project Status: 
Replacement of manual control of turnouts with automatic control with the construction of an EC post
Электрическая централизация на станции Большая Михайловка Целинной железной дороги

In the postwar years, Lentransproekt (since 1951 - Lengiprotrans) continued to work in Kazakhstan. In 1948-1955, the electrical interlocking of forty-nine turnouts was developed at the Bolshaya Mikhailovka railway station of the Tselinnaya railway. The main goals of the project are to ensure the safety of train traffic, increase the station's capacity, and reduce the number of switchmen. Devices for blowing points were designed and the construction of an EC post at the station.