State farm named after Satpayev

Совхоз имени Сатпаева

During the development of virgin lands Lengiprotrans designed 5 new large state farms in the Pavlodar region of the Kazakh SSR. Including the project of the state farm named after Satpayev was developed.

State farms have 5 branches with a total land area of ​​67.3 and 120.7 thousand hectares. At the branches of state farms, cattle farms have been designed for 1200-2000 dairy cows and 1000-1950 head of young fattening animals, a pig farm with fattening up to 12000 heads, a sheep farm and a poultry farm.

For the population of state farms, villages for 900-2500 people were designed with water supply, sewerage and heat supply. The construction of the settlements was carried out according to standard designs. The maintenance of state farms was envisaged through railroad bases and access roads.