Electric depot "Dachnoe"

Электродепо «Дачное»

Electric depot TCh-2 "Dachnoe" is located on the Kirovsko-Vyborgskaya line of the St. Petersburg metro, behind the Avtovo metro station. It carries out medium and overhaul repairs of wagons. The depot was opened in 1970.

Lengiprotrans has developed a project for the reconstruction of the production base of the Dachnoe depot. The modernization is due to the opening of new metro lines and the renewal of rolling stock.

The design documentation provides for the allocation of 3 stages of construction:
I. Warehouse complex, letter "I" (one-two-story part of the building);
II. Production building No. 2, letter "O";
III. Electric depot building "Dachnoe", letter "U".

In 2016, a positive conclusion was received from the FAU Glavgosexpertiza of Russia. In 2017, Lengiprotrans PJSC won an electronic auction for work on adjusting the project for the reconstruction of the electric depot production base. Completion of the reconstruction is planned by 2020.