Road overpass across Subachaus street in Vilnius

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Автодорожный путепровод через улицу Субачаус в Вильнюсе

During the Soviet period, Lengiprotrans was actively involved in the design of transport infrastructure in the Baltics. This was largely due to the development of approaches to ports in the Baltic Sea. In the capital of Lithuania - Vilnius, the Institute has designed the largest number of overpasses.

In the 1970s, Lengiprotrans engineers developed projects for two road overpasses on the Drujos highway, which is the southern bypass of the central part of Vilnius. The structures are designed for the intersection of Subačiaus and Povilo Višinskio streets by the highway.

The overpass across Subachaus Street is designed according to the scheme 18x24x18 m, 68 m long. Due to the considerable width of the highway and its oblique intersection with the streets, the overpasses are designed in both cases in the form of two separate overpasses for each direction of traffic. Also, design work on power supply was carried out at the facility.