Car repair depot at Ekibastuz II station

Вагоноремонтное депо на станции Экибастуз II

Lengiprotrans has done a lot of work on the reconstruction of the carriage facilities and, first of all, car repair depots (WRD). Among other objects, the WFD was designed at the Ekibastuz II station in the Kazakh SSR. Also, for this territory, a point was developed for the preparation of wagons for loading coal at the Ekibastuz coal basin - the largest coal deposit in Kazakhstan.

The production building, more than 500 m long, is equipped with special car-repair machines, which ensure fast and high-quality car repairs.

On the constructed WFD, the depot repairs of gondola cars were carried out in the amount of 10 thousand cars per year. The technology provided for an in-line repair method with the movement of cars by position using a conveyor. The preparation point was able to provide loading of coal in the amount of up to 1,500 wagons per day.

The project of the preparation point was awarded with a diploma from the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR.