Vysotsk station is being reconstructed according to the Lengiprotrans project

12 January 2024
Vysotsk station is being reconstructed according to the Lengiprotrans project

On December 28, 2023, Lengiprotrans JSC (part of the 1520 Group of Companies) received a positive conclusion from the FAU Glavgosexpertiza of Russia on the adjustment of the 2nd stage of the project “Lengthening existing and constructing additional receiving and departure tracks at the Vysotsk station of the Oktyabrskaya Railway” .

The Vysotsk freight station is located in the Vyborg district of the Leningrad region. It consists of successively located Pikhtovaya and Vysotsk parks, where locomotive changes and maintenance of the terminals of Port Vysotsky LLC and RPK-Vysotsk Lukoil-II OJSC are carried out. The main cargoes arriving at the station are petroleum products and coal.

To increase the size of the station’s operation with a view to future cargo turnover, which includes the transshipment of vegetable oils, the design documentation provides for the extension of exhaust track No. 21 to a useful length of 1050 meters and the arrangement of an adjoining new cargo fronts of Port Vysotsky LLC. Previously, the project provided for the extension of dead-end track No. 22 in the odd neck of the Vysotsk park to 60 meters for overtaking locomotives. New measures will increase the length of trains supplied to the port terminals, improve the quality of the transportation process and the maneuverability of the station.

In addition, the 2nd stage of reconstruction of the Vysotsk station includes the installation of drainage systems, service passages for station workers in places of track reconstruction, and the construction of other necessary railway infrastructure structures.

The design management was carried out by the chief project engineer of the department of units and stations Evgeniy Vladimirovich Ivanov.

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