Positive conclusions of FAI Glavgosexpertiza

28 May 2018
Positive conclusions of FAI Glavgosexpertiza

Currently, active preparations are underway for the start of construction and installation work on the Mga Sonkovo  Dmitrov line.

Single-track railway line Mga Sonkovo ​​—  Dmitrov with a length of more than 650 km passes through the territory of Tver, Novgorod, Leningrad, Moscow regions. Reconstruction of the line will allow transferring excess train traffic from the Babaevo Volkhovstroy Mga line — main freight traffic of the Oktyabrskaya railway, which is now loaded by more than 90%. In addition, if necessary, this line can become a backup of the Babaevo — Volkhovstroy Mga line.

The project “Strengthening the carrying capacity of the Dmitrov Sonkovo — Mga direction” has been carried out since 2015. It is divided into 3 stages, during which the capacity of the direction will progressively increase from the initial 5 to 45 pairs of trains per day by 2025.

Earlier, Lengiprotrans JSC developed project documentation for the Stage I activities for the development of the direction. The documentation includes
28 projects requiring verification by
FAI Glavgosexpertiza. Their implementation will allow passing 14 pairs of freight trains per day along the line. The largest of them are the reconstruction of the Savelovo and Khvoynaya stations of the Oktyabrskaya railway.

To date, 13 positive conclusions of FAI Glavgosexpertiza have been received, out of 28, 7 objects are under consideration. Also, building permits have been received, which allows starting construction and installation work on a wide front.

In total, more than 180 km of station and more than 500 km of second tracks are to be built within the framework of the project by 2025.

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