Official visit of the delegation of the Republic of South Ossetia

08 October 2020
Official visit of the delegation of the Republic of South Ossetia

On October 8, JSC Lengiprotrans (part of the 1520 Group of Companies) was paid an official visit by a delegation of the Republic of South Ossetia (RSO), which included Counselor of the RSO Embassy Denis Alexandrovich Dolgushev and Embassy attaché Alan Kharzenovich Naniev. From the side of Lengiprotrans the guests were received by General Director Dmitry Viktorovich Golubovsky and Chief Engineer Alexey Evgenievich Timoshin.

The purpose of the visit was to reward the staff of the Institute for their contribution to the creation and coverage of the history of the Transcaucasian Highway (Transkam), connecting the North Caucasus with the Transcaucasia.

The solemn meeting began with Dmitry Viktorovich's welcoming words addressed to the representatives of the embassy and the presentation of a Congratulatory address for the President of the Republic of South Ossetia on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the formation of the Republic. 

На фото : Наниев А.Х., Долгушев Д.А., Голубовский Д.В.

Then the Counselor on behalf of the leadership of the Republic of South Ossetia, congratulated Lengiprotrans on the 85th anniversary of its foundation and presented state awards.

For active participation in the collection of materials about the participants in the design of the Transcaucasian Highway and the organization of the release of a unique publication "Caucasian Passage Railway" in 1948 and other design materials for 1959–1972 for the Museum of the Transcaucasian Highway Olga Nikolaevna Voronova, Head of the Marketing Department of Lengiprotrans, was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the President of the Republic of South Ossetia.

The Order of Friendship of the Republic of South Ossetiya for active participation in the creation of the Transcaucasian Highway was awarded to: Alexander Yakovlevich Mazo, head of the museum of JSC Lengiprotrans, during the years of work at Transkam — senior engineer of the TEO group of the department of nodes and stations, and former employees of Lengiprotrans, employees of prospecting parties on the Transkam: Viktor Nikolaevich Kretov, in the past head of the geological party of the department of engineering geology, and Igor Georgievich Shevtsov, senior engineer of the survey party of the department of survey and design of railways. 

Награждение Кретова В.Н.

The participants also paid tribute to the memory of the Lengiprotrans surveyors who died in a car crash on the Transkam on September 11, 1960.

General Director Dmitry Viktorovich thanked the Counselor for his visit and attention shown to the merits and achievements of Lengiprotrans, and expressed joy with the fact that the Transkam, designed in the 1960s–1970s, does not lose its significance, but on the contrary, it only has been increasing over the past decades. “We will always value and cherish the friendship that has developed between Lengiprotrans and the people of the friendly Republics of North and South Ossetia,” Dmitry Viktorovich said in his speech.

All participants of the meeting expressed deep gratitude to the professor of the North Caucasus Mining and Metallurgical Institute, a member of the Russian Academy of Transport, an active participant in the construction and historian of Transkam Levan Ismailovich Kortiyev for his great personal contribution to the construction of the Transkam, for his work on describing the history and founding the Transkam Museum, for his many years of efforts to create a monument to the parished prospectors of Lengiprotrans.

After the exchange of protocol gifts, a commemorative photographing took place. Both sides noted the high importance of the meeting and expressed hope for further fruitful business and creative cooperation.

The present and future generations of Lengiprotrans employees will always remember the outstanding prospectors and designers of the Transkam — participants in the creation of the Transcaucasian Highway — the great and unique object in the history of Lengiprotrans.

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