Reconstruction of Gorelovsky overpass

31 July 2017
Reconstruction of Gorelovsky overpass

PJSC Lengiprotrans (part of the 1520 Group of Companies) in 2012 developed the project documentation for the reconstruction of the Gorelovsky overpass in the Krasnoselsky district of St. Petersburg and is currently producing working documentation. Reconstruction is necessary to ensure unimpeded movement of motor vehicles along the M-11 "Narva" highway in the area of ​​intersection with the railway lines of the St. Petersburg-Gatchina-Commodity-Baltic October Railway line.

The existing artificial structure through the railway in the alignment of Krasnoselskoye highway and Lenin Avenue was built in 1949. Movement along it is organized into two lanes (one on each side), and there are also two narrow sidewalks on consoles. The length of the overpass is 76 meters.

The construction of the new Gorelovsky overpass was developed because of the emergency state of the existing and the need for its expansion. This object is part of the bypass of the Red Village.

The new overpass will have six lanes with a separation strip. The static scheme of the overpass is one-span, the total length is 50.5 m.

Construction will be carried out without closing the traffic: first, they will build a third of the new interchange nine meters wide (two lanes) side by side, and then two-thirds in place of the existing one.

All working documentation is scheduled for release this December.

Construction work is scheduled to be completed by August 2019. _eleven_

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