High-speed railway line Moscow - Rostov-on-Don - Adler

Project Status: 
Высокоскоростная железнодорожная магистраль Москва — Ростов-на-Дону — Адлер

Justification of investments in the construction of a high-speed railway line Moscow - Rostov-on-Don - Adler (VSM Center - South) was developed by Lengiprotrans in 2013–2014. The project was implemented in order to substantiate the volume and timing of capital investments in the creation of a dedicated high-speed line. Pre-design and estimate documentation has been developed.

Implementation of the investment project of the HSR Center - South will ensure the achievement of the following social, economic and commercial goals:
• improvement of transport links, in particular, in the segments of passenger and freight transport in the regions of gravity of the highway, which will contribute to their further socio-economic development;
• provision of a new type of service to the passenger in the passenger rail transport segment: transportation by high-speed rail, ensuring a high level of safety and regularity;
• introduction of innovative technologies into the railway transport industry, modernization of fixed assets.

The following main technical parameters of the line were determined:
• maximum speed of high-speed passenger trains - up to 400 km / h;
• track width - 1520 mm;
• value of the greatest slope of the longitudinal profile of the main tracks - 24%;
• weight rate of high-speed train - up to 1000 tons.