"Without slowing down" - an article in the newspaper "Oktyabrskaya magistral"

28 July 2020
"Without slowing down" - an article in the newspaper "Oktyabrskaya magistral"

As part of the investment program on Oktyabrskaya, the implementation of large-scale development and renovation projects continues

The investment program of Russian Railways at the Oktyabrskaya road for the current 2020 is 55 billion rubles. For six months, 20.7 billion rubles were spent, which corresponds to the parameters of the previous year and ensures the fulfillment of planned indicators. _one_

photo: archive of the Investment Service of the October Railway

The implementation of complex projects, which are part of the large project "Development and renovation of railway infrastructure on the approaches to the ports of the North-West basin", continues. Thus, according to the project "Comprehensive reconstruction of the Mga - Gatchina - Weimarn - Ivangorod section and railway approaches to ports on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland" and the transshipment of mineral fertilizers by Ultramar LLC, which will increase the processing of cargo at the Luzhskaya station by another 6 million tons at the first stage and by 12 million tons at the second.

According to Sergei Rumyantsev, head of the OCZD investment service, this year at Luzhskaya station, work will continue in the General Park, as well as the construction of connecting tracks between the parks. By 2023, it is planned to join two counterparties - the companies Novotrans and Eurochem. Agreements have been concluded with them for connection to the infrastructure of Russian Railways. Now they have already begun work on the design and construction of their terminals. Moreover, an agreement was concluded with Novotrans on a take-or-pay basis, which confirms the company's seriousness in developing its own capacities and guarantees the transportation of the required volumes of cargo. The same agreement is being prepared for conclusion with the Eurochem company.

In addition, this year OZhD plans to complete the construction of a connecting track between the parks Luzhskaya-Vostochnaya and Luzhskaya-General. Now the main construction and installation work is underway there. This year, it is planned to commission facilities at the Luzhskaya station in the amount of 10 billion rubles.

The next strategic direction in terms of investment is the development of the Dmitrov - Sonkovo ​​- Mga direction. Taking into account that the Costa - St. Petersburg route does not have a reserve of carrying capacity, the development of a parallel direction, the so-called Khvoininsky route, is required. Now the first stage of the project is being implemented, the measures under which will allow the passage of 14 pairs of trains with a length of 57 conventional wagons. According to this project, the construction of six crossings, two objects of artificial structures has already been completed, and seven sections of the earthworks have been modernized.

“The task of this year is to complete work on 10 more objects and put them into operation,” says Sergey Rumyantsev, head of the investment service of the Okrug. - I would like to emphasize that the company has made a decision to start design work as part of the second stage of reconstruction of the Khvoininsky passage. In order to ensure the efficiency of investments, the company considered various options for increasing the throughput capacity, including the use of the existing capabilities of the St. Petersburg - Moscow section after the launch of the high-speed highway, which also required large investments in the modernization of the section. As a result, the company made the optimal decision that it is necessary to develop the Khvoininsky passage as a backup for Koshtinsky. Already this year, the design of individual sections for laying the second track will begin, and Lengiprotrans has already received the corresponding assignments. Thus, at the end of next year we will be able to start construction of the second tracks of separate sections ”.

Another large-scale project is the development of the Murmansk - Volkhovstroy section and the reconstruction of the Murmansk - Olenegorsk sections with the construction of a second track. According to forecasts, by 2022, cargo traffic in the direction of the Moscow Sea Port and the port of Lavna will increase to 45 million tons, of which 18 million tons will be addressed to the new port of Lavna under construction. It is for this increase in freight traffic that the Volkhovstroy-Murmansk section is being developed, stations are being reconstructed and second tracks are being built. It is planned to lengthen the tracks at twenty stations, as well as to build 105 km of second tracks.

Closely linked to the development of the Murmansk direction is the issue of reconstruction of the Volkhovstroy station, where it is planned to lengthen the tracks of the hump, which will allow performing part of the sorting work of the St. Petersburg junction. The investment program for this year plans to carry out design work.

It should also be noted the project for the reconstruction of the Vysotsk station, which is being implemented jointly with LLC "Port Vysotsky". The project is being implemented in order to increase coal unloading by 5 million tons: from 7 to 12. Now the port has begun work on lengthening the existing tracks and building two additional station tracks and one exhaust track. This project is expected to be completed by June next year, and work has already been completed to lengthen the tracks in the odd throat.

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