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Organization of a full package of engineering and ecological surveying works for construction, including stability and reliability analysis of constructions in adverse climatic and geologic conditions

The high-class specialists of the Company ensure conducting full package of surveying works.

The package includes the following works:
  • Topographical surveys;
  • Topographical surveys of any degree of complexity conducted by geophysical methods;
  • Hydrological surveys;
  • Hydrogeology surveys and drilling operating artesian wells;
  • Ecological surveys.

Surveys are performed for the following objects of various degree of complexity:
  • For railroads and highways;
  • For bridges, overhead crossings, and other engineering constructions;
  • For industrial and civil constructions including high-rise buildings.

The surveys are provided by the following items:
  • Own rig stock possessing wide range of technical capabilities;
  • Materiel for detection of soil properties in field conditions including stations of static and dynamic probing;
  • Modern electronic survey instruments and firmware GPS complex; it allows detecting coordinates of any point with great accuracy.

Lengiprotrans PJSC includes certified soil and chemical research laboratory processing materials received at drilling as well as radiation control laboratory. The laboratory deals with heavy metals research, in particular.
The Company has 70 years of experience of survey in permafrost regions.