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Design of transport, industrial, and civil buildings, water supply, sewage, and heat supply systems

The specialized structural unit of the Company, consisting of 100 people, deals with design of the industrial and civil buildings and constructions:
  • Railroad stations;
  • Objects for servicing and repair of locomotive and rolling stocks of the railroad and Metro (depots, maintenance points, etc.);
  • Repair depots and workshops of line service;
  • Motor transport enterprises;
  • Administration and area maintenance buildings;
  • Boiler-houses;
  • Water supply and sewage facilities;
  • Water intake and treatment facilities;
  • Automatic fire-fighting systems.

Buildings and constructions are designed along with engineering services: water supply and sewage networks, heating system, ventilation, electric supply, and communication systems. Lengiprotrans PJSC comprises the architect office; its specialists deal with architectural and construction design of residential and public buildings of various functional purposes including the interior design.